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Just in time for the Easter weekend, we finished making a playable demo that is ready for the public.

You can get it here from our official site

(thanks to maroonracoon for drawing the banner for this announcement)

Updates should resume next week.

Updates should resume next week.


so I’ve finished my first monthly (ish) game - No The Gold Is Mine!! a game I also like to call:

~*~*$$$$ GREED SIMULATOR & FRIENDSHIP DESTROYER 2014 $$$$*~*~                     —————          #GETGOLDGETTOLD          —————

you can play it online for free here!
(unity browser plugin required - resize window if white screen)

- I made this game! pixelatedcrown, that’s me, I’m chelsea, hello. consider supporting me on patreon if you wanna see me make more monthly games and get bigger, stronger, more powerful. unstoppable. plus there are rewards if you want to get something out of it too, how selfish.
astro kid made the tunes! he’s OUTTA THIS WORLD ☆
- I posted about development from start to finish over on my dev sideblog!

for controls & more info (& gold??), read under the cut!

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Cucumber Quest


Like one person requested that I post the piano doodle mashup of my themes for parfait and the nightmare knight and also I just really like this doodle SO HERE TAKE IT




The Magician and the Snake: Mike and Katie Mignola (2003).

In honor of the Hallow E’en, he’s some Mike Mignola for you all. Well, in truth, the story was by his daughter, Katie. She won an Eisner for Best Short Story for it, too, making her by far the youngest recipient of the award. Runs in the family, it seems. Here’s an interview with the then-7-year-old on the Dark Horse website/blog:

"I don’t remember much about how I came up with the story other than that I painted a picture of a snake yelling at a bunch of shapes. I didn’t put any more thought into it until my dad asked me what I did at school that day and I told him about the picture. I made up the entire story on the spot and my dad said that he would like to use it in a comic. Over the course of a few months my dad drew the story, changing small details as he went such as the monkey king, which wasn’t in my original story. There were a few things that I wouldn’t let him change such as the magician’s style (he wanted him to be a parlor magician and I wanted a classic stars and moons magician) and the death of the magician. My dad suggested that the magician turn the snake into a lion so that he could eat the shapes and save the magician but I, for some reason, said that the magician had to die at the end."

Beautiful story, beautiful artwork.

This is the best comic I ever read

Why yes this is gorgeous piano music.

*puts on loop while working on paper*



I might need a few more weeks


Video of a boss that appears some way into The Iconoclasts. Was about time I made some video, really… Too afraid of showing things. :\





oh my gOD


it’s from nintendo official magazine, though i’m not sure where you can get a full scan sorry

full scan!

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